New England Girls Baseball is designed for girls 7-13 years of age (birth years 2007-2014) as a way to introduce girls to the game of baseball. Our coaches follow a specific instruction model in order to help our players love, understand, and appreciate the game.

Each clinic will have a practice and a game, both approximately an hour in length.

Why not softball? Simple. While we appreciate softball, the technique of playing baseball and its place in American history are unparalleled. Girls were funneled into softball years ago, and having seen girls play the game of baseball – we know they can do it. MLB and other organizations are placing an emphasis on this game, and we’re here to ensure that girls in and around Bedford, NH, have the chance to be ahead of the curve.

What do I get out of it? You get to watch your daughter learn the game among other girls. She can still play baseball or softball; most leagues don’t have Sunday games. We promise this will be an entirely different experience. It’s really cool. And we hope you get someone you can play a great game of catch with or watch the Sox with.

What do I have to do during the game? Remember your kid is a kid. Don’t yell instructions at her. Our coaches will do that (kidding, sort of)… make notes of stuff you can work on in the other six days. Be positive. And remember that the first words you should say to her when you get in the car are always “I loved watching you play,” no matter how old she gets. Because this is a game.